Haircare Tips

Haircare Tips



Hello Cuties! We hope you're having a great time exploring our online boutique. As a special treat, we have some hair care tips for those of you who love our extensions.

1. Make sure to co-wash your bundles or wig unit at least once a week, using only sulfate-free products. (Our luxury hair care products are sulfate free)

2. Give your hair some extra love by deep conditioning it once a month. Just remember to avoid heavy leave-ins and oils.

3. When dealing with wavy and curly units, detangle them while they're wet using your fingers, our wide-tooth comb or our Cutie Pie paddle brush.

4. For those gorgeous curly and wavy textures, try using "Cutie Pie's Soft Amplifying Foam Mousse".

5. To minimize heat damage, let your unit air dry whenever possible. And don't forget to apply our "Everyday Miracle Treatment Creme" as a heat protectant before using hot tools.

6. It's best to avoid using hot tools on curly and wavy patterns to maintain their natural beauty.

7. Keep your ends looking fresh and healthy by trimming them as needed.

Don't forget to check out our latest arrivals and to keep an eye out for our upcoming Black Friday Sale. Happy shopping!

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