Product of The Day: Style & Shine Spray

Product of The Day: Style & Shine Spray

Are you tired of using multiple hair products to achieve the perfect style? Look no further than Cutie Pie Salon's "Style & Shine Spray"! This innovative dry mist is a game-changer in the world of hair care, offering a multitude of benefits in one convenient bottle. Whether you're looking to set your style, protect your hair, or add a glossy finish, this versatile spray has got you covered.

What makes the "Style & Shine Spray" so special?

The "Style & Shine Spray" is a unique combination of a working and finishing spray. It offers light hold to set your style, ensuring that your hair stays in place throughout the day. But it doesn't stop there! This dry mist also provides a protective barrier for your hair, preventing color fade and repelling moisture. Say goodbye to frizz, static, and fly-aways, as this spray tames them all for a smooth and polished look.

Key ingredients for healthy and beautiful hair

What sets the "Style & Shine Spray" apart from other hair products on the market are its carefully selected ingredients. The micro-resins in this spray allow for maximum penetration, making it suitable for use on both wet and dry hair. This means you can achieve your desired style whether you're starting with freshly washed locks or need a quick touch-up on the go.

Grape seed oil is another star ingredient in this spray. It works wonders in calming frizz and fly-aways, leaving your hair looking sleek and well-behaved. Additionally, sunflower seed extract provides a boost of shine and protects your hair color from fading. With these powerful ingredients, you can achieve a salon-worthy look right at home.

How to use the "Style & Shine Spray"

Using the "Style & Shine Spray" is a breeze. For best results, mist the spray evenly onto wet hair, focusing on the mid-shaft to ends. This will give your hair a boost of shine, body, and control over frizz. If you prefer to use the spray on dry hair, simply spray it from 8-12 inches away for a light hold and a high-gloss finish. The choice is yours!

With Cutie Pie Salon's "Style & Shine Spray," you can simplify your hair care routine without compromising on style. Say goodbye to the clutter of multiple products and hello to a versatile spray that does it all. Experience the benefits of weightless volume, color protection, and frizz control in one convenient bottle. Get ready to shine with confidence!

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