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Alana Humidifier

Alana Humidifier

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1. The amount of surging fog
Two-port spray without fear of drying
2. Strong double holes are very different
Multiple spray modes
3. Stay away from dryness and let your skin "drink full"
Nano mist humidifies the home/in the car/office, always keep one to take care of yourself and your family
4. 4000mAh battery long-lasting moisturizing
Comes with battery, large capacity, where to take it wherever you go
5. Micron level fine atomization
Water molecules undergo 2.4 million high-frequency oscillations per second, atomizing the water into micron mist, and accelerating humidification faster
6. Wireless humidification
Humidification anytime, anywhere, with its own battery, large capacity, wherever you go


Product Name :1100ML large capacity wireless Air Humidifier Dual Spray Nozzles

Material: ABS+PP+Silicone
Water tank:1100ML
Size: 135*135*162mm
Color: Green,Pink,White,Grey
Power: 14.8W
Voltage: DC5V
Mist Output:One Nozzle  Spray 30-50ml/h
                    Dual Nozzles Spray:60-100ml/h
Charing Time:3 hours

Package Content:

1*Double spray humidifier

动感双喷加湿器-3_01_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_02_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_03_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_04 动感双喷加湿器-3_06_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_07_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_08 动感双喷加湿器-3_09_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_10_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_11_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_12 动感双喷加湿器-3_13_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_14_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_15_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_16_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_17_副本 动感双喷加湿器-3_19_副本    动感双喷加湿器-3_20_副本

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